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Watch your videos or pictures in peace! 

Spycase™ light filter technology hides your screen from side angles so you can get the privacy you deserve.

Pin on clothes 

  • Drop-test certified 
  • Anti-fingerprint & Anti-scratch 
  • Lightweight & Durable 
  • Premium Grip 
  • Wireless Charging Compatible 
  • Easy installation 

Ideal Visable Range 

Your screen can only be seen from the front within the 45 degrees angle from the sides after applying the case to your phone! 

Privacy Screen Protector – lazyideasshop


9H Tempered Glass 

Crafted with care and dedication for the best glass that includes anti-fingerprint, anti-scratch and dust-free features. No more dust in ports or fingerprint marks all over your screen constantly. 

Anti Fingerprint

Coated with hydrophotic and oleophobic clear layer, the glass protects against sweat and oil residue from fingerprints and keeps your phone screen looking brand new and in pristine condition all day long! You never have to wipe your screen with your clothes or cloth again. 

360 degrees Full Frame Protection Case 

Designed with precise cutouts to fully cover buttons and ports on all iphone models without signal interruption. Protection from left, right and centre.

Easy Installation

The magnetic and adhesive-free design prevents those ugly bubbles caused by traditional old adhesive phone cases. 


Laetans™ Hardened Magnetic Privacy Case for iPhone – Birdinger


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