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Titan Charger™

Titan Charger™ Titan Charger™ Titan Charger™ Titan Charger™ Titan Charger™
Titan Charger™ Titan Charger™ Titan Charger™ Titan Charger™ Titan Charger™

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Titan Charger™


 Is your phone always low on battery and you have to fumble around for a charger? Or maybe your current phone mount blocks the view of the road?

Intelligent Automatic Sensor

This car wireless charger clasps open automatically and touching the upper sensing area to take out your phone. Safe driving.

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Ultra-Stable For Safe Driving

Large induction coils can quickly identify the phone and provide fast and safe charging for it. 10W Fast Charging, Qi wireless fast charge, provides faster charging than most wireless car charging mounts on the market.

Status Indicator

There are LED lights on both sides of the bottom of the wireless car charger to indicate the charging status. The green light is on when charging.

Automatic Clamping Design

Automatic clamping design makes the whole process electronic. Place the phone in the holder and the clip will close and provide a stable and stable hold. Touch the sensitive button on the side, the arm will automatically open, tighten, and can be operated with one hand, making everything easier and safer.

Automatic Clamping Wireless Car Charger Mount – BringWish

Points You'll Love:

  • Universal for all types of mobile phones/cars, flexible adjustment of stand angle, widely supports 5-7 inch mobile phones
  • Simple installation and stable with one clip
  • Charge the phone as soon as it is released: enjoy the convenience of wireless charging without plugging and unplugging the charging cable
  • Fully automatic intelligent induction opening and locking
  • Four-point positioning is stable and does not shake
  • Silicone pad design can protects your phone very well.

Wireless Charging & Automatic Clamping – Shopping Express


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